What’s On Magazine with Rich Hall

What’s On Magazine January 2017 edition features an interview with Rich Hall.

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Rich is the star of the critically acclaimed BBC Four documentaries Rich Hall’s California Stars, Rich Hall’s You Can Go To Hell, I’m Going
To Texas and Rich Hall’s Inventing the Indian. His critically acclaimed grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and the king of rapid-fire wit.
The award-winning Montana native renowned for his expertly crafted tirades and quick fire banter with audiences and delightful musical sequences saddles up and hitches his wagon to tour the British Isles once again.

Tickets Rich Hall’s UK tour can be found at www.offthekerb.co.uk / @offthekerb / www.facebook.com/TheRichHall
A brand new live DVD “3:10 To Humour“ recorded at the Vaudeville Theatre in London’s West End in September 2015 has just been released by Universal Pictures (UK) and is now available.
Remaining Tour dates for 2017
FEBRUARY 24, 2017 – RICH HALL IN CHATHAM The Brook. Box Office: 01634 338338
APRIL 5th until 8th 2017 – RICH HALL’S HOEDOWN IN LONDON – Leicester Square Theatre.
Box Office: 020 7734 2222