What’s on Magazine with Julian Clary

What’s On Magazine September 2015 edition features an exclusive with Julian Clary.

Julian Clary WOM 001

Comedian, entertainer and National Trinket, Julian Clary has just published his debut children’s novel,
titled The Bolds.

For children aged 8 and above, The Bolds is about a hilarious family of hyenas who impersonate humans, using elaborate disguises to hide their secret lives from their neighbours, while living in a very ordinary suburban house in Teddington.
Packed with jokes, eccentric characters, cunning plots and flamboyant outfits, this series is set to capture the imaginations of readers young and old.

Bringing to life the vibrant world of The Bolds, will be award-winning illustrator David Roberts.

The Bolds paperback is published by Andersen Press and is suitable for children 8+.
RRP £6.99.